Innovation in Figurehead Representation

2014 sees the launch of a wonderful new initiative by the creative genius of Barry McKay from his studio in Hampshire, computerised 3D images of both lost and surviving ships Figureheads, with a list of 16 Naval Figureheads to date and more on the  proverbial drawing board, it’s possible to see for the first time in the comfort of your own home, magnificent Figureheads such as HMS Victory, Warrior, Collingwood and Marlborough, each one in full colour, equally fascinating are the DVD’s of lost Figureheads such as HMS Black Prince the sister vessel to HMS Warrior, lost in the early 1900’s for the first time you can see and appreciate the magnificence of this lost masterpiece of the carvers art, as the series of Figureheads increases it will be possible to have a virtual Figurehead Museum in your home, any subject that does not innovate will be left behind, Barry with this set of DVD’s brings the subject of Ships Figureheads both Naval and Merchant right up to date, it will be interesting to see future developments in this fascinating filed of design and technology. The possibility is endless, opening up the subject of Ships Figureheads to a new generation of enthusiast.

Details of all the DVD’s in this fascinating series and how to buy them can be found on Barry’s dedicated web site at the following address.

As well as the Figurehead DVD’s Barry has been responsible for the production of Eric Walkers book on Ships Figureheads, “LOST LADIES OF THE SEA”  first published in 2010, and now available on demand, Eric has been interested in Figureheads of the British Royal Navy for over sixty five years, his fascination started as a young lad when he lived opposite the famous Castles Ship Breakers Yard in London, before it was lost during the last War, As well as having a life long interest in Figureheads he is also a sculptor and has carved a good number of Figureheads to sell, as well as for his own extensive collection, His original concept for the book was to encourage young people to have an interest in Ships Figurehead as he did as a lad, Eric served as a lad on the Arethusa which is now called the Peking in later life he work as the ships painter on HMS WARRIOR when she arrived back in Portsmouth after her restoration, to find  a new home within the Historic Dockyard, Eric has written this book to give others an insight into a lifelong study of the wonderful World of Ships  Figureheads, if you are interested in buying this book, the following  web site will give full details of cost and availability.