Figurehead Research Reports

The Figurehead Archives Research ReportsI have been carrying out research on Ships Figureheads for nearly 40 years, and during that time have built up an international reputation in research, restoration, and appraisal of these wonderful maritime carvings.

To help me to continue my research and maintain the archives, I have to unfortunately charge for this research, and do what I call a “Figurehead Research Report” I ask a one off fee of £165 for such a report, for this you receive a full private report on the history of the carving, should this be found with subsequent research trips to either…

The Merseyside Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum

I normally work two or more reports at the same time, I can cut down on the cost of visits to museums and collections around the United Kingdom,

Research ReportAt the same time I give findings on the condition of the carving, plus any conservation or restoration work that may be needed, the last page of the full report is a valuation of the carving, as it stands at the time of the report, (the first valuation will be the sale price that I feel it would bring at Auction, the second valuation can be used for Insurance purpose, as any carving of over 100 years old should come with a separate insurance). The other item that I would mention with regards to the reports is that they are 100% private and confidential and as such you would be the only person to hold a copy.
I hope that you will consider and commission such a report, on receipt of your cheque to the value of £165 your report should be sent within two weeks.

Should you need any other information on this please click here to contact me, and I would be only too pleased to help in any way that I can. Collections of more than one carving please contact me for details.

Richard Hunter,
Figurehead Historian.