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17th and 18th Century Ship Models from the Kriegstein Collection

KRIEGSTEIN COLLECTIONSecond Revised and Expanded Edition,
By Arnold and Henry Kriegstein

If it is possible to say that a good book can be savored like a fine wine or a wonderful meal, then this book is such a feast, a delight to the sensors in so many ways, like a good meal the first impression on this book is sumptuous, one is more than eager to dig in. This second revised and expanded edition is a fascinating account of how twin brothers Arnold and Henry Kriegstein embarked on a remarkable journey to acquire the Worlds largest private collection of authentic British Admiralty Models from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, this was achieved over many years  through a combination of sheer determination and rugged perseverance, between the two of  them they have been  rewarded with a collection of International importance.

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På norske skip
A review by Richard Hunter Figurehead Historian

Gallionsfigurer På norske skip“Gallionsfigurer på norske skip” or for those of us who cannot read Norwegian “Figureheads on Norwegian Ships” by Gothe Gothesen is a newly published book from the Norwegian publishers Sem & Stenersen of Oslo, this is a far as I know the first major work on the specific  subject of Norwegian Figureheads to be published, Gothe is a very well respected  Scandinavian Maritime Historian with a number of  other maritime  related books to his credit, common with most Maritime Historians Gothe has always had a particular interest in this fascinating aspect of our rich maritime heritage.

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The Warship Figureheads of Portsmouth

By David Pulvertaft
Illustrated by Kevin Dean
With a foreword by HRH The Princess Royal.

REVIEWED by Richard Hunter Figurehead Historian.

The Warship Figureheads of Portsmouth By David Pulvertaft
The Warship Figureheads of Portsmouth By David Pulvertaft
Books on the collective subject of Ships Figureheads both Naval and Merchant  are relatively rare, only a hand full have been published in the United Kingdom during the past ten or more years, books on the more specific and detailed  subject of British Naval Figureheads are rarer still, retired Rear Admiral David Pulvertaft has been researching into British Naval Figureheads for over fifteen years, during that time he has been able to build up a vast collection of related material.

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